Punky's New Brew: Build, Patch, and Sound Demos


For this latest entry I’m going to keep it short and sweet since most that could be said about this project already has been said. That being said, let’s go over what’s in the video.

Changes to the schematic….

It’s not uncommon to build something and then discover that tweaking it yields better results. And that’s what happened. Here is quick list.

  • Modified the inverted envelope so it receives signal from env2 instead.
  • lowered the resistance on the CV inputs for the APC.
  • tweaked some capacitor values for the second frequency, and also the evenlopes to make them shorter.
  • changed the env2 pot, again, to make the release shorter.

Changes were made to the git repo.

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Board assembly

The boards look amazing! If I make another run at some point I will need to tweak the led circuit and trigger it through a transistor switch. It would have been nice brighter, but I coudln’t because it was in series with the vactrol. ¯\=^.^=

Patching in action

I had a ton of fun playing with these when combined with external modulation and voltage control. It really does have a decent range of possibilities. No, it isn’t the most precise thing out there, but it is fun and weird. Made me really want to have a built-in LFO of some sort.

Should you build it?

Watch the video!


All supporting files and the KiCad project can be found on our GitHub page. If you have questions or ideas for future projects, share them in the comments!

Stay creative, stay curious, and keep noisy!