KiCAD 7 custom footprints


Sometimes we find ourselves working on a schematic and find that we don’t have a footprint for the part or component we are using. So we think, OK someone elese probably ran into this issue so why not check the internet? Why not? If someone else has done it why re-invent the wheel right? So, you find your part, place your component and then ship your files for manufacturing. A week later you get your boards only to find that the footprint is off. Maybe the holes are too small, or maybe someone forgot to include a solder mask. Regardless, we just wasted some dollars and the time it took to get the bad boards back. After dealing with this issue multiple times I decided it was worth it to invest into learning how to make my own footprints! To my surprise, it was easier than I thought! So in this veideo I will share with you an example of making a footprint for that ever so popular thonkiconn jack that everyone loves.

This was an impromptu video so no huge writeup today. But do give the video a watch if you’d like to find how easy it is to make your own footprints in KiCAD!

#NO! I will not be providing files today….

Because the point is for you to make your own! Yeah, I know I’m being a smart as.