Controlling AUM with an APC40 mk1 and Mozaic

Hey fellow music enthusiasts!

I’ve been tinkering with my APC40 MK1, a fantastic piece of hardware, and I wanted to share some of the custom functionalities I’ve developed using Mozaic scripting. If you’re not familiar, Mozaic is an AUv3 app by Bram Bros that allows you to write script to manipulate MIDI events on iOS devices.

Introducing the Script

I’ve created a Mozaic script that significantly expands the capabilities of the APC40, enhancing its use in controlling my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), particularly AUM. The script provides extended functionality for MIDI control, enhancing the device’s usability in music production.

Installation and Configuration

To get started, you’ll need an iPad with the Mozaic app, your choice of DAW (I’ve used AUM), and, of course, the APC40 MK1.

Download the scripts from my GitHub Repo here!. You will need the two files named apc40.moz and apc40-out.moz!

  1. Installation Steps:

    • Load the Mozaic app and upload the apc40.moz and apc40-OUT.moz scripts.
    • Save the presets for easy recall, naming them as needed.
  2. Configuration Steps:

    • Set up a new project in your DAW, creating the necessary tracks.
    • Configure MIDI routing from the Mozaic scripts to and from the APC40 controller.
    • Save your project as “Default” so AUM will automatically load this when you create new projects.

Using the APC40 Script

After initializing the APC40, the script allows for mapping of faders, buttons, and encoders for effective DAW control, enabling functionalities like transport buttons, tap tempo, and mapping the various buttons to DAW controls.

User Manual Details

For a detailed guide on the configuration steps and functionality, check the complete user manual here.

That’s a gist of the post content. If you need any modifications or additional details, feel free to let me know!