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This week’s post is a big shoutout to Hanz Petrov for his incredible work on Python remote scripts for Ableton Live, specifically for the APC40. These mods are, without a doubt, the best I’ve tested so far because they are rock solid! The best part? You don’t need Max for Live for these to work. The two device chains available for download are “Sequencer Aid” and “Chords.” Let’s dive into the details, but first, if you haven’t already, make sure to install the latest version of his script from his site: APC40 Python Remote Scripts.

LittleDevil – Sequencer Aid

Sequencer Aid is a nifty device chain designed to make your life easier when using the sequencer mode (shift-master) on the APC40 script. It helps you select the pitch for each of the 5 sequence parts in the loop. Here’s how it’s mapped:

  • Each voice has a +/-36 steps or (+/- 3 octaves) range. Macros 1-5 allow you to select the drum part for each of the 5 sequences.
  • Macros 6-8 are mapped to pitch change and chord devices. Useful if you’re using a synth instead of drum racks or if you want to layer your drums.
  • Macro 6 acts as the root key of the chord and applies to all 5 parts. This allows you to shift all the parts by an octave (+/- 12 steps).
  • Macros 7 and 8 create a chord so that up to 3 parts can play simultaneously for each voice. To disable this functionality for a particular part, expand the detail view of the chain for that voice and disable the chord device inside the chain.

LittleDevil – Chords

Chords is a harmonization tool based on basic music theory principles. It plays triads, first inversions, second inversions, and 7th chords for all the notes in a given key.

Chords is designed to work with “MATRIX MODE 7” of Hanz’s script. To engage this mode, press “Shift” + “Track Select 7”. Here’s how the chords are laid out on the matrix keys:

  • “key scale” macro selects the key (0 = Cmaj).

    • 0 – C
    • 1 – C#/Db
    • 2 – D
    • 3 – D#/Eb
    • 4 – E
    • 5 – F
    • 6 – F#/Gb
    • 7 – G
    • 8 – G#/Ab
    • 9 – A
    • 10 – A#/Bb
    • 11 – B

    If you want to move the scale up or down an octave, add or subtract 12 steps to the values above.

  • “arpeggiator” - Three controls are mapped to the arpeggiator, and the gate encoder functions as an off/on button. At 0 value, the arpeggiator is OFF.

  • “velocity” - Controls velocity, including a random range.

  • “note length” - Fixes the note length here if desired. The note length dial also acts as an off/on button at 0 value (10ms), bypassing the device (OFF). At 1 or 11ms, the device is on and ranges from 11ms to 60s (127).

NOTE: These devices are somewhat finished but could use some improvements. “Chords,” for example, has room for one more set of chords. Keep an eye on this site as I’ll be replacing the current files with new versions once I’ve made some changes. If you have suggestions or requests, please contact me. I check my comments all the time.


— Juan

Download APC40 Aid

Download Chords