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The other day, someone posted on the Ableton forum a really great OSX feature that lets you create your own keyboard shortcuts for any contextual menu item. You can even assign key commands to specific software applications in your OS. Here is the original post:

Badger123 Post subject: Key commands for muting clips (on mac) Post Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:28 pm Joined: Sun Sep 09, 2007 3:48 pm Posts: 73

This is actually a tip from Ableton Support. Torsten got this working. If you want to make Activate/Deactivate Clips work with a shortcut via the mac OS, just insert the following in system preferences/keyboard/keyboard shortcuts/application shortcuts: Activate Clip(s) ctrl+cmd+M Deactivate Clip(s) ctrl+cmd+M Deactivate/Activate Clip(s) ctrl+cmd+M Deactivate/Activate ctrl+cmd+M

Obviously, you can choose your shortcut. You need to enter all the numerous names for this item because how it’s displayed changes dynamically in the menu.

Also, the same applies to Add locator. Using the OS shortcut for this function allows you to type the locator name straight after you hit it, unlike the shortcut from inside the program. Add Locator ctrl+cmd+A Delete Locator ctrl+cmd+A Insert Locator ctrl+cmd+A

Speedy arranging folks :)

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I also found this great online tool that allows you to search Ableton Live functions by the shortcut so you can search for unused key combinations.

Search Ableton Live Shortcuts