LittleDevil – Harmonizer II

Harmonizer II isn’t just an update to my previous harmonizer attempt; it’s a significant improvement! This version introduces two modes for pitch shifting across three signal chains. The core concept remains the same: split the signal, pitch shift it, position it in the stereo field, and add some delay. Additionally, this version includes a reverb effect. Harmonizer II is a chromatic harmonizer device chain for Ableton Live, although I haven’t found a way to shift harmonies based on scales (hopefully, Ableton will develop such a feature in the future).

LittleDevil – Synthy

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared any of my tools with you guys. This time, I want to introduce you to a very cool and powerful device chain that I use regularly in my sound design work. I initially created this tool as a proof of concept, aiming to build an analog-style synthesizer using Live’s simplers and basic waveforms like sine, saw, triangle, and square waves. Live’s ability to create device chains and assign macro mappings inspired me to expand my synth and create a more comprehensive version of “synthy” using these devices as modules.

Syzygryd returns from the Playa...

So unfortunately, I didn’t make it to Burning Man this year. But, my music did! Lucky for me, people got it on video, so I’ll be posting them as I find the ones with music I submitted. I Recall – Juan Segovia & Star St.Germain This video is from a collaboration project between myself and my good friend Star St.Germain. For this project, we created an instrument out of an old music box, some old rhythm box, and most importantly, Star’s Cello.

Syzygryd Music

Those of you going to Burning Man this year will have the wonderful opportunity to remix and perform my work hands-on firsthand. I’ve been asked to create music for the Syzygryd project, and thus far, 2 of my projects are going for sure, and some others are close to being ready to go. The Syzygryd is this giant multimedia art piece consisting of lots of metal, arson art, audio, and a wonderful user interface so YOU can make the music.

Working With Loops in Logic

The other day while in the studio working with a friend he said to me, “I just can’t work with Logic man, warping loops just sucks!”. I have to agree that to some extent other software might be better suited if working exclusively with loops, i.e., Ableton Live, or Fruity Loops, or Acid even. However, I’d like to give a few tips on how you could speed up your work flow working with loops in logic.