STUFFSONG First off, it’s been a while since I’ve posted any new music to my site or done anything remotely creative. Finding the right balance between geek and artist has been challenging. But I’m back with a tease as to what I’ve been doing with my time… The audio STUFFSONG was programmed almost entirely in Ableton Live using mostly Operators and a few other plugins including. The visuals are created using Processing 2.

Juan Segovia – In the Jungles of Kepler 11g

If Kepler 11g was in reach and we got there, what would we find live there to sound like? I wanted to finish this track before I leave for DEMF and MUTEK this year. Right to the wire! Hope it gets picked up by someone. I really would love to have a good relationship with a label and be able to focus on music making and preparing for some live shows….

LD-550 (Aka Circuit Bent DR-550)

There are lots of how-to documents on circuit bending, so I’m not going to do a post on that. If you are interested in learning how to bend your DR-550, you can follow the links I’ve provided for you at the bottom of this post. The reason for this post is more to share my experiences in modifying and using this drum machine. But first, read this next bit.

Mastering with Ableton Devices

Disclaimer: This device rack is by no means a replacement for commercial software written for the purpose of mastering, however, it CAN be used to achieve a much more professional sounding render of your audio if used properly. Always remember that if you start with a shitty mix, you’ll end up with a shitty master. If you need to change the character of your track, do it in the mix.

Building Drum Kits Fast and Efficiently

In this little tutorial, I’m going to show you how I use the slicing presets to create my drum kits. Along the way, we’ll learn a few aspects of how the user library is laid out, we’ll also learn a little bit about slicing and creating your own slicing presets, and some cool little tricks to speed up your workflow. The first thing to being efficient is knowing your environment, and also what tools are available for you.


Here is a quick little tool to create some glitchy-like effects on vocals. The top row controls a series of beat repeats, precisely 3. You can set the grid of the repeat with macros 2, 3, and 4. Then use macro 1, “Engage Grid,” to mix between them. At 0, your dry signal goes through, and as you raise the dial, you will cycle through Beat Repeat 1, 2, and finally 3.