Dual ADSR / VCA Combo - Part 1

Dual ADSR / VCA Combo! (Part 1) Introduction Hey Kittehs! I’ve been knee-deep in home improvement tasks, but today, we’re starting another analog circuit for eurorack. My system is missing some very important pieces. Can you guess? Yup, I’m missing an ADSR and you know what they say you can’t ever have enough VCAs. And since the VCAs I have are mostly passive I figured our module will be a combination of a VCA and ADSR with additional inputs and outputs to use them independently.

Why I use ferrite beads in my modular circuits

Why I use ferrite beads in my modular synth circuits. Eurorack modules rely on intricate circuitry and electrical components to eventually create something audible. Sometimes we use those modules to create pleasing sounds and other times for perhaps the complete opposite. Regardless, the result is a translation of what we can think of and how we may recreate them with our tools. Audio artifacts which are introduced either by environmental noise or radio frequencies, is rarely something we want in our mixes so, we engineer to reduce nose as much as possible.

Punky's New Brew: Build, Patch, and Sound Demos

Introduction For this latest entry I’m going to keep it short and sweet since most that could be said about this project already has been said. That being said, let’s go over what’s in the video. Changes to the schematic…. It’s not uncommon to build something and then discover that tweaking it yields better results. And that’s what happened. Here is quick list. Modified the inverted envelope so it receives signal from env2 instead.

Controlling AUM with an APC40 mk1 and Mozaic

Hey fellow music enthusiasts! I’ve been tinkering with my APC40 MK1, a fantastic piece of hardware, and I wanted to share some of the custom functionalities I’ve developed using Mozaic scripting. If you’re not familiar, Mozaic is an AUv3 app by Bram Bros that allows you to write script to manipulate MIDI events on iOS devices. Introducing the Script I’ve created a Mozaic script that significantly expands the capabilities of the APC40, enhancing its use in controlling my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), particularly AUM.

Punky's New Brew - Part 2

Converting a Breadboard Experiment into a Professionally Manufactured Eurorack Module In this blog post, we’ll discuss the key steps required to turn a breadboard experiment into a professionally manufactured device for Eurorack. We’ll primarily focus on using KiCad and Inkscape with the Synth Panel Designer plugin. 1. Introduction In our previous video, we explored the creative process of combining known circuits to create a percussive arcade sound instrument. This journey taught us about the 555 timer, simple Attack/Release circuits, and basic VCAs made from vactrols.

Punky's New Brew - Part 1

Punky’s New Brew In the world of electronics and music, true innovation often arises from the art of combining and modifying existing ideas. It’s about taking the tried and tested and infusing it with fresh creativity. So today, we’re not reinventing the wheel; we’re celebrating the beauty of innovation through adaptation. Join me on this journey of making music by reimagining what’s already known. Along the way, we’ll build a few circuits: the Atari Punk Console, an attack/decay envelope, and a basic VCA.